PushLock® Anchors for the Distal Extremities

by Arthrex

Optimize tensioning and fixation without knot tying. The 2.5 mm PushLock® Suture Anchor provides a secure means of knotless fixation in the hand and wrist. Accommodating two strands of either size 0 or 2-0 FiberWire, this two-piece anchor enables a no profile repair that is quick and straightforward. The 2.5 mm PushLock suture anchor uses a PEEK eyelet to place the sutures at the bottom of a drill hole, allowing precise tension and the ability to lock the sutures in place by impacting the tak portion of the anchor. Both the high strength radiolucent PEEK and the absorbable PLLA 2.5 mm PushLock optimize tissue tension and fixation without knot tying.

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